first look tiny house

Tiny House-First Look

The Facetime call with Bob our real estate agent at the tiny house continued. Once he was inside the front door, I could see the harsh reality of what needed work- a lot! Here is the somewhat overwhelming list of PROBLEMS:

  1. back door didn’t open or close due to a tree root
  2. ceiling tiles missing with ancient grey-pink insulation hanging (? asbestos?)
  3. very old window AC unit with water stains below it and crooked
  4. small antique oven/stove with only one burner that worked
  5. narrow short fridge with no icemaker
  6. open area from shower to kitchen almost like a pass-through. Handy for discussing dinner while showering ?
  7. greenhouse window in the den painted purple, so the room was very dark
  8. toilet did not flush every time so it was a guessing game!
  9. no vent or fan in the shower
  10. chemicals or dust all over the floor. Prior tenant was in pest control so who knew…
  11. luxury vinyl plank floor tiles were not fastened down, so they moved or slid when you walked on them
  12. rotten wooden deck and shed in the backyard

There were a handful of good points about the house, so here are the POSITIVES:

  1. windows were fairly new and looked good
  2. roof was five years old and intact with no visual evidence of leaks
  3. open floor plan for the kitchen and den
  4. beautiful huge live oaks and palm trees in the front and back yard
  5. per Bob’s expert senses, no bad mold smells and the cinderblock construction appeared solid
  6. Most importantly- location, location, and location!

My husband and I looked at each other during the call and had the same thought. That is the benefit of being married for thirty years and surviving together.

“Let’s do it!” we told Bob. He put in an offer that day.

We were on pins and needles until he called two days later. “They accepted your offer” he said.

Nervously I looked at my husband. “Excellent- I guess!” I said to both of them.


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